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More Than Production

At SilverHook Studios, our focus is on giving you agency type access to be creative and an ability to direct the work for your vision. Our expertise level allows more than just the traditional production experience. We have a reputation for creative integrity. We understand the importance of being a part of the creative process from the beginning. This makes a huge impact in conjunction with your marketing effort. It helps your brand look and stay cohesive.

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We Do. They Don't

We approach all of our projects from a marketing agency standpoint. That allows us to access your current sales strategies and marketing funnels. It also sets up creating extra assets to be used in campaigns and social media, while we help you promote this new content. And most importantly seeing how everything is performing over time to make adjustments as necessary.

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SHS Behind The Scenes

We love film

as much as video

We consider filmmaking the art of storytelling. So in essence, we consider ourselves more of a film production agency than just the concept “video”. Stories are what allow you to connect with people. Get them to respond and relate. And whomever you have behind the camera needs to understand this or your risk the chance of connecting with your target audience.



Chief Executive Officer,

Tj Martell Foundation

“Thank you so much for all of your help with the Atlanta’s Best Cellars Dinner. It was so nice of you to spend your time and effort with video-taping the interview segments and the dinner! I am so appreciative of your wonderful contribution and thoughtfulness to help the many patients who are battling cancer. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.”

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Executive Director,

Christmas In Action

“We (with your video) are the recipients of a fantastic grant from United Way and have also been awarded a new building warehouse to store all of our materials and 35 of every tool we need. You did such a superfragilistic job on it. Thank you again, and I have sent a video to all the CIA’s (Christmas In Action Organizations).”

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John Shulman




“This has been an extraordinarily positive relationship for us because SilverHook Studios is superb at what they do, very professional, very good at understanding what we are trying to achieve, very good at offering us suggestions on how we can improve what we are doing, and very flexible when working with us. We definitely recommend them.””

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Companies We've Served

Sam's Club

When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you.

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