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How The Production Process Works

SilverHook Studios Production

Whether it’s a big commercial launch, a new feature film, or a new promotional video, our approach is pretty much the same. It is of the utmost importance to us to have our projects turn out as they are envisioned because they are reflections of your business. We set our projects out to produce the right results. We haven’t done our job if it doesn’t.

The majority of our clients come to us with a budget and a concept. We generally do a needs discovery consultation over the phone, then move to outlining the production process.

From here we go into Pre-Production which is basically the planning, story-boarding, and discussion of talking points and intended messages. This is also the time where we handle any auditioning of voice-over or acting talent for your production along with scouting any locations and casting. We also decide what type of graphics or special effects if any we are going to include in the final project.

Once we go into Production, we bring in any necessary make-up artists, sound and lighting, cameras, monitors, and other equipment, along with any acting talent for the shoot discussed in the planning. We handle all of the production aspect for you to keep your focus on the intended message and result of the final product.

We keep a tight production schedule. That means when your project is on the books, we have a strict schedule and deadline we stick to, and we need your cooperation to make sure we meet that deadline for you. Since most productions can take weeks to months to complete, it’s imperative to keep the communication lines open, so you know where your project stands.

Most final projects get a set of two revision cycles. Since we’ve already outlined the final project from the beginning, the first draft is a reflection of that. However, there are times when the scope has shifted throughout the production process. During Post-Production we align those shifts with what may be considered the new outcome. Extra revisions can be billed at an hourly rate.

Once we’ve decided on a final cut, we deliver to you or your finishing house your master copy for distribution and duplication in the Completion process. We generally keep a master copy on file for up to a year in case you ever need to receive another copy or certain changes show up during your marketing process.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now at 404-421-2477 or contact us via our Contact Form. You can also read some of our testimonials from previous clients as well. Our motto is Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Important!

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