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Will Bearyman SilverHook Studios

Will Bearyman
CEO/Creative Director

With over 15 years of production experience, Will is a multi-talented, creative individual with an eye and a knack for story telling through the creation of music and video projects.

He has an extensive history of working within the production industry as a Director of Photography, Film Producer & Editor, Studio Engineer, and Music Producer. As CEO and Creative Director for SilverHook Studios, his artistic vision is the center of helping us achieve our production goals through imaginative storytelling.

Eric Jones SilverHook Studios

Eric Jones
Director/Lead Editor

Eric began his career in video production in the U.S. Navy and has continued honing his skills for over 10 years.

He’s worked high end commercials, films, documentaries, government contracting, and even as a radio DJ. Drawing on his diverse and challenging background, Eric brings a unique insight and unwavering work ethic to SilverHook Studios as a Director and Lead Editor.

Jakari Turner SilverHook Studios

Jakari Turner
Executive Assistant

With over 9 years experience molding talent, producing and staging live events, Jakari is a trained analytical passionate about details and able to think on both sides of the lens.

Jakari is gifted with an eye and ear for quality sound, visuals, and knows what it takes to make a dynamic impression for viewers and working with clients.

SilverHook Studios Set PhotoSilverHook Studios is an Atlanta, Georgia based film and commercial video production company. Our goal is the creation of professional film and commercial projects used to define your vision and promote your brand. We believe in visual storytelling through creative shooting and compelling editing. Our projects are done from concept to completion including writing, filming, editing, sound, and finishing.

We have worked with major networks such as VH1, MTV, WeTV, CNN, BET, and a host of other networks.

Every project of ours starts with an idea. Every idea comes from a vision. Our job is to make that vision happen. Contact us with any questions or to set up a free consultation. Our motto is Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Important!

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