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Consulting & Training ProductionWith so many small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for ways to cut costs, many have resorted to doing some production work internally. We offer entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to receive consulting and training in respect to the production industry. Call SilverHook Studios and set up a consultation and get the professionals to help you set up your next video production and training in the art of video editing. We’re in the business of doing these things for our clients all the time, and are available for training and consulting you on getting the best out of your solo efforts.

We find that production consulting and training is best suited for those who may be doing lots of production work, and looking for the best way to manage their budget and have the time to learn and execute what may be needed from a production standpoint. We generally tend to mesh well with those who have the available time to do some of their own production while still able to run their business efficiently. Let us come in and get you set up correctly and efficiently so you’re not breaking the bank trying to figure it out on your own.

Consulting & Training 2The importance of knowing how to do some of these things yourself basically comes down to a cost vs. time aspect. Do you have the available time to do your own production services, or would it be better spend working on your business?

List Of Services (solo or group settings)

• Video production & editing training
• Software/equipment training and troubleshooting
• Online conversion specifications
• Equipment purchase consulting
• New business development training
• Hourly, Half-Day, Full-Day Sessions

Give us a call today to set up a free consultation or to set up a custom training session at (404)421-2477.

Getting Started

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