Entertainment Industry Production

Our goal within our Entertainment Industry Production is to produce the highest quality marketing media you need to promote yourself or your business in the music and entertainment industry through the wonderful world of video. Although our focus is mostly with Atlanta area music artists and entertainers, we do have nationwide experience and the services we offer are not specific to a particular region.

Shooting music and entertainment industry videos since 2001, our experience spans over music videos, trailers, promotional & event videos, reality shows, and commercials. Our video work has been seen on VH1, MTV, BET, The Word Network, and more.

Industry Standard Music Videos

Music Video Production AtlantaThe music video for the music artist is about as critical as the first single is in today’s market, especially with the new influx of instant delivery to your fan base via online marketing. Where videos use to be a thing of major music television networks, you can now have your music video live worldwide within a matter of hours.

We’ve done music videos for many artists and specialize on helping create visions and outcomes for the desired look and feel. Music video shoots include, filming, lighting, location scouting, storyboarding, and editing to a finished product.

Music Video Production ConcertWhen working with our music artist clients, there is always a creative vision for the video in mind that we are present to being the channel for you to get the vision across. We start the process with a meeting between us, the artist, and any other label management discussing the budget, ideas, and timeframe for completion. Once a storyboard has been complete, we arrange for all of the necessary elements the shoot will require such as location, make-up artists, lighting, cranes and jibs, etc.

Output mediums can be for broadcast, online, DVD or Blu-Ray delivery. We can also create versions for mobile media such as iPhones, iPads, and Android platforms.

Promotional Event Videos

Event Video Production AtlantaFor industry events, clubs, fashion show, and sporting events, we help promoters put together video materials to help market the event, as well as video to play during the event, and even after. Think of being able to capitalize on marketing to your audience before and after the event is over, while keeping them engaged during it. Our approach with this is simply to engage your audience using visual media compared to the standard flyer and print invitation. We can create versions to play in your establishments or converted to an online format which is great for Email & Social Media Blasts.

Consider using video as a way to attract newcomers to your event as well as connecting with those currently supporting you. For long term marketing of an event, we can put together a series of videos that can be released at will to keep people interested in what’s next. We can also do solo videos to either market, talk about, or show what happened at the event.

Fashion PhotoWe’ve covered many major fashion events, night clubs, and sporting facilities so we know how to get the job done without being intrusive or distributing to your guests at the event. We also understand the importance of event planning and timelines and will make sure you receive your visual production materials in plenty of time for marketing

Putting together a promotional video is a great way to market your event along with your printed material and other media.

Please call us at (404)421-2477 to talk about how you can use video to help promote your next event or Contact Us via our online email form.

Reality/Television Show Pilots

Reality Show ProductionWith the age of reality TV now, there are many independent producers and writers who would like to get their ideas right there on the networks along with some of the majors. Let us sit down with you and help you develop your pilot. This is the first video that your potential cohorts will see and we want your first impression to be your best. We’ve worked for producers who have shopped to networks such as A&E, HBO, WE, and Oxygen and have helped them build the necessary buzz to take their projects to the next step, development.

We can work with you on setting up closed set recordings, fast-paced editing, and custom music to go along with it all. We’ll also help you plan out the shooting schedule, and provide you with the properly edited final to shop your pilot around. Our team of talented editors and production staff will help you get the look and feel your pilot is aiming for based on your needs.

Please call us at (404)421-2477 to talk about how you can use video to help promote your next event or project or Contact Us via our online email form.

List of Entertainment Industry Services

• Music Video Production
• Event Filming & Editing
• Promotional Videos (clubs, fashion, hair, sports)
• Reality/Television Show Pilot Production
• Online Media Conversions

Our aim is simple. To help you Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Important. Call us today at (404)421-2477 to discuss your upcoming project.

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