FAQ about Video ProductionDo you have a physical studio?
No. Because most of our work is shot in the field, and each client has a different need, we spend most of our time accommodating projects to their best, which requires us to go where the client is. There are several warehouse studio and stage locations we use to shoot projects in depending on what’s needed. Sometimes, the best locations is the business or establishment itself.

How can I set up a consultation?
You can call us at 404-421-2477 to set up a consultation. We generally schedule a meeting with you and your team at your office location and plan 1-2 hrs to discuss your project. After the meeting, we generally write up a formal outline and proposal for you to discuss whether you would like to move forward.

What type of special effects do you offer?
We offer motion graphics and text, and other green screen rendering effects and backgrounds. Depending on the project, we do create custom graphics to complete the final video. Please contact us to discuss 3D imaging and compositing if you have a project that requires this.

Do you shoot with the RED ONE?
We don’t natively keep a RED ONE in our library, but can get one for your production. Call us at 404-421-2477 to discuss your project you want shot on the RED ONE.

Are you a Post-Production Facility?
No. Although we do some minor post work, we do not consider ourselves a Post House. Our focus is on the planning, filming and editing of your project. 95% of our projects are complete once they leave our studio. There is a small percentage that may need specialized Post work we can not handle in-house. In this case we would send it to one of our Post Production associates. If you have a project that needs advanced Post work, contact us and we can discuss that with you.

How big is your team?
Our team is custom selected for you project. We work with many different writers, make-up artists, studio professionals, and more to get your production done right, and at cost for your budget. For larger live productions, such as stage shows, performances, or conferences, we can accommodate the necessary staff to complete the project. Give us a call at 404-421-2477 to discuss this further.

How do you choose voice-over talent for my production?
We have several different voice-over talents both male and female that can accomodate your projects. Generally we let you listen to samples to decide which talent is the best for you.

I need a video on my website. Do I have to host it through you, or can I do it myself?
We do not host videos, however we can work with you on the best option for video on your site. There are many different options out there available to you and we will help you pick the best one.

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