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GODs Vessel Testimony Series

We had the pleasure of work with Christian Hip-Hop Artist, GODs Vessel and helping him formulate what he calls the “Testimony” series where he discusses his journey from secular music to more spiritual theme music and the concept behind the songs on the project. Check out his story on the song concepts, “Shine”, “Talks Me …

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New Music Video – R.I.C. – Good To Me

Scope: Christian Hip-Hop artist R.I.C. wanted to do a music video explaining his transformation from non-believer to believer in a two-part video. He wanted to capture the essence of his Baton Rouge, LA community and the camaraderie of friends and family when it comes to faith, food, and fellowship. We traveled to Louisiana to produce …

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Rider For The Lord Music Video

Scope: GODs Vessel, a Christian Hip-Hop Music Artist approached us to do a music video for his single “Rider For The Lord”. He needed the video to show him spreading the gospel throughout the streets of Flint, MI to anyone willing to lend an ear. He also wanted the video to have a mass appeal …

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Pain Phree – Get Dat Doe Music Video

We had the pleasure of shooting the latest Pain Phree video for “Get Dat Doe”. Showing that he is equally commercial while still keeping a street feel, Pain Phree goes in with a simple, but hot track. Give us a call at 404-421-2477 to discuss your next music video project!

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ZOD da God – Hey Ladiez Music Video

Taking a more clean black & white look to a video, we had fun working with

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Working With Tu-One For Some Green Screen Samples

We had the chance to work with Atlanta based hip-hop artist Tu-One on some quick green screen music video samples we put together. We wanted to have fun with green screen work and just do some crazy stuff showing all types of possibilities. Look for his single “Go Head” coming soon. Visit for more …

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Getting Started

Thinking about doing a video project? Not sure where to start? Click here for more information on how to get the best out of your new project.

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