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Bringing In A New Year!

We’ve reached the end of our first 10 years and it has been a great year. Lots of changes, upgrades, new projects, and visions for the future. We’d like to thank all of our client’s for their dedication to choosing us as their service provider and look forward to new relationship in the future. Have …

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The Importance Of Respecting One's Craft

In the video industry it has become very easy nowadays to run out and grab a camcorder, computer, editing software and start calling yourself a video professional. It’s almost as bad as so many individuals who go from having no talent to all of a sudden telling you they have a music career. The market …

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Hair Industry Veteran Releases Instructional Video

We put this trailer together for Jay-J Baskin, who focuses on Stylists, Colorists, and Make-up artists, serious about profiting using the latest techniques the industry has to offer. His approach is very creative and inspiring. As he puts it, “Motivation is not an option, its mandatory.” Jay-J Baskin presents his “Beauty…Defined” DVD with three hot …

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It's Good To Know Your Stuff!

We were filming a big event not too long ago and were to receive a live audio feed from the house sound crew. We made it out to the rehearsal and wanted to do a sound check, but they didn’t have anything ready for us and said we’ll do one right before the event. I …

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Getting Started

Thinking about doing a video project? Not sure where to start? Click here for more information on how to get the best out of your new project.

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